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SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management

Emotional Intelligence Is Key to Outstanding Leadership (PDF 127k)

If you’re a leader, you probably already have the time-honored “business smarts” for the job, namely the intellectual capability and technical skill. Those are important. But they’re only the base line. Numerous studies have shown that what distinguishes outstanding leaders from average ones are emotional self-awareness and self-control. Read more...


Buffalo Law Journal

Honest, open dialogue key to effective labor relations

As the middle word might indicate, it is a relationship that takes on an adversarial tone if both sides climb into their respective foxholes and adopt an "us versus them" mentality. Read more...


Buffalo Business First

Unlocking potential is name of her game

If you're building a career or rehabbing a business, Geri Grossman will hold the ladder for you. It's one of her most rewarding tasks as leadership coach to those who aspire to better jobs or want to guide their organization toward improved results. Read more...


Buffalo News

Career Coach Can Assist Workers' Jump to New Jobs

In the world of sports, it's obvious that teams and individual athletes benefit greatly from the wisdom and perspective of a coach. While the players understand the game and their responsibilities, the coach on the sidelines can see the entire field of play and develop strategies to minimize weaknesses and harness strengths and talents. Read more (PDF 62K)...



The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Executive Coaching

I was recently invited to participate in an exciting partnership program initiated by our local Arts Council.  The program was designed to pair executives of arts and cultural organizations with executive coaches for the purpose of developing their leadership skills.  Twelve organizations were identified and matched up with executive coaches.  The engagement was for six months.  Read more (PDF 34K)...